The “Art” of CV Writing

Your cv should tell a “story” about you, an interesting “story” that says what you have done and what you can do!

Your CV content should be unique to you as it is also YOUR BRAND!  Yes, it is. If it wasn’t important, it will not be requested during the selection process. Many people have lost out because their CV did not represent them well as the selection process starts with CV screening hence. A lot of people with great skills have lost out because their CVs didn’t tell an interesting story about them.

“Your cv should tell a “story” about you, an interesting “story” that says what you have done and what you can do ”OMO EDADAGBON

A story that includes a comprehensive work history, skills or core competencies, trainings & certifications, etc.
For every job application that you are qualified for, ensure you have an updated  CV.

The Breaking in show

Dear Jobseekers,

The much anticipated first reality tv show on job interviews is here, the “BREAKING IN” show . It’s a reality television show that focuses on giving eligible jobseekers the opportunity to meet top company bosses by interviewing them also , to give them an opportunity to defend their CVs with the hope of “Breaking in” and starting their dream career.

The show also offers viewers and aspiring jobseekers a rare opportunity to see how the interviews happen behind office doors thereby, learning and equipping themselves better for the labour market and the next job opportunity.

Are you tired of attending several job interviews without any success? Not to worry, here is an opportunity for you to have an idea & discover  how you can nail your next job in Nigeria.
Stay tuned as our lead recruitment consultant, Omo Edadagbon  and other HR professionals take you through the different stages of what it is expected of you to get a job in the labour market!

The *Breaking in  Show * Premieres on Fridays  on ST Nollywood Plus Channel 102, On StarTimes by 6pm – 7pm and will show every weekend with a repeat broadcast from Tuesday to Thursday weekdays by 7pm.

You don’t want to miss this show!

The Breaking in show